Who We Are

About the Connection Newspapers

Local Media Connection, LLC is the anchor to 15 demographically segmented markets in print, digital editions and on our websites  at www.ConnectionNewspapers.com.

Our audience totals more than 200,000 readers and viewers living in many of Northern Virginia’s most upscale suburbs as well as in exclusive Potomac, Md. Distribution of the hard copies and digital PDF editions begins each Wednesday and Thursday:

• Our printed and digital PDF newspapers are distributed weekly to more than 100,000 homes and businesses with readership of more than 200,000, according to the Circulation Verification Council.

• Unlike the strategy of mass marketing through less-efficient and often inappropriate saturation delivery, the Connection Newspapers uses database marketing similar to that used by sophisticated national political campaigns and corporations which segment their marketing outreach.

• Our print circulation is based on our analysis of the household value of every house in our delivery area.

• Our newspapers are delivered to families almost all with incomes of at least $150,000. Every publication also targets the significant number of very high income households in its delivery area, with thousands of papers delivered to households with income over $300,000, according to IRS and Census data.

• Our readers live in homes almost all with values that range from at least $600,000 to $5 million and higher depending on the specific community. These are the households that spend the most on discretionary goods and services such as those offered by most of our advertisers. We are continuously fine-tuning our circulation as new data sources are developed.

• We reach businesses with a proprietary distribution plan that has been developed over our many years in the community and follows the constant changes in business.

• Additionally, advertisers in our newspapers benefit from our popular websites, www.connectionnewspapers.com which according to Google Analytics, attracts more than 60,000 unique visitors viewing more than 130,000 pages during a typical month. When the home page opens, click the community name at the top of the screen that interests you and better understand these benefits:

• Increased readership as all print editions of our newspapers appear in digitized versions on the websites.

• Confirmed and growing list of more than 10,000 readers who request and receive weekly digital PDF versions of the printed community editions. Home associations, nonprofits, chambers of commerce, Realtors and other groups also forward these digital editions to their members and associates.

• Increased Web traffic to your Web page from hyperlinked banner ads that readers click to reach your landing page during the period of your print advertising contract.


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